NIX Solutions: Yandex is Testing a New Model for Connecting Sellers

Yandex.Market connects partners in test mode using the Sales with Store Delivery model. With the new cooperation scheme, the Market will become more flexible for partners and offer more opportunities for choosing the optimal placement model. Accordingly, the assortment available for purchase on the Market will increase. This is reported by Retail-Loyalty.

The Delivery by Seller model implies that the seller uses the Market only as a showcase for selling goods, and stores goods, processes and delivers the order independently. At the same time, the store is obliged to timely transmit the order statuses to the Market so that the service can advise the buyer and monitor the quality of the partner’s work. If the partner does not meet the required quality level, its placement on the shop window will be suspended.

A partner who works under the Sales with Store Delivery scheme pays the marketplace only for each delivered order: a commission for attracting a customer (its size depends on the category) and a commission for accepting and transferring money if the order was prepaid by card. The market acts as a place where the user places an order and monitors its status, as well as a guarantor of quality for the buyer and an arbiter in disputable situations.

One store may sell different products for different models depending on their turnover, seasonality, cost and other factors. The Sales with Store Delivery scheme complements the list of cooperation models with the Market and provides the partner with more opportunities to optimize their unit economy, as the store assembles the necessary combination of services for each product, delegating to the Market those processes that are not profitable to do on their own. Yandex.Market can help with the promotion, storage, processing and delivery of orders.

“Now we understand what kind of service a client expects to receive from an online store, we are able to attract customers and help them in case of problems. Therefore, we have chosen to transfer order statuses to the Market as a prerequisite for working on the new model – this is the only way we can guarantee the quality of their execution. Thus, we lower the threshold for connecting to the service for those stores that already have their own processes for processing and delivering orders and at the same time expanding the range available to our users. We believe that the market is already completely ready for marketplaces: both sellers and buyers understand the benefits they receive from such services,” stated Tatyana Umryaeva, director of the Yandex.Market service.

NIX Solutions notes that the Sales with Store Delivery model works in test mode. Already 10 stores are selling goods according to this scheme on the Market. By the end of the year, the Market plans to connect another 50 partners to testing. Stores will be able to connect freely using this model in 2021, but for now they can fill out a special form on the website for Market partners to indicate their desire to join testing. Stores from any region can participate in it, even those that do not have their own logistics facilities in Yandex.Market.