NIX Solutions reports: Google My Business Starts Page Blocking Alerts

Google My Business has begun to alert companies when their pages are blocked. Innovation was launched around the world. Notifications come by email.

Previously, company owners found that their pages were blocked when they logged in or noticed changes in call volume, traffic or conversions, notes SearchEngines.

The launch of blocking alerts is related to new EU legislation, but covers all countries, adds NIX Solutions. At the same time, GMB reports only the fact of blocking, but does not explain why such a decision was made.

The notifications contain the address of the blocked place, as well as links to the “Rules for posting company information on Google” and a form for sending a request to restore company data to GMB.

In total, two types of blocking are possible in the service: “hard” and “soft”. In the case of a “hard” blocking, the company’s page is completely removed from search and Google Maps. With a “soft” lock, the page remains online, but the account owner cannot manage it: update hours, respond to reviews, create entries, etc.

When you unblock a page, all its content and ranking are usually restored within 72 hours.