NIX Solutions: X Set a Profit Record

As we bid farewell to December, let’s delve into Twitter’s remarkable performance on the mobile revenue front. The social media giant, now marked as ‘X,’ achieved a significant milestone during the last month of the year.

Record-Breaking Net Revenue

According to AppFigures, X raked in an impressive $76 million in net revenue in December—an astonishing 22% surge compared to November, which itself had already surpassed previous records. Notably, this marks the highest income ever generated by X in a single month. It’s crucial to highlight that this figure represents net income, reflecting what X retains after Apple and Google claim their respective shares.

NIX Solutions

User Spending Surges into Double Digits

In terms of consumer spending, or gross income from the developers’ standpoint, users contributed a substantial $11 million to X in December. This marks a pivotal moment as it signifies the first instance of X crossing into double-digit monthly spending—a significant achievement in itself.

Geographical Landscape: The Power of the US Market

The United States maintains its stronghold as X’s largest market, commanding a 60% share of the total revenue. Notably, no other country boasts a double-digit share. Japan secures the second position with an 8% share, while the UK, Saudi Arabia, and Canada round out the top five contributors.

Despite no significant alterations within X in December, the sustained revenue growth serves as a reliable indicator of both engagement and demand—both of which are on an upward trajectory, notes NIX Solutions.

Looking ahead, the impending US elections are expected to propel X’s earnings even faster, presenting promising prospects for continued success.