NIX Solutions: Pinterest Launched New Tools for Sellers

Ahead of the holiday season, Pinterest has launched a number of seller-focused updates. New features and tools are designed to help them increase sales.

Among them:

  • Seller recommendations and updated profiles
  • Product Tags
  • New ad format
  • Automatic bidding for ad campaigns
  • Conversion analysis

According to SearchEngines, this year’s holiday shopping kicked off much earlier than in years past.

Seller recommendations and updated profiles

Now, when users search for shopping-related queries, Pinterest will recommend sellers in the category that interests the user.

The developers have also updated the seller profiles, which will now more resemble a storefront.

Product Tags

Sellers can now tag products in images using a new tagging tool.

This update will allow users to buy the products they see in the photo.

New ad format

Another innovation is a new ad format, which is a combination of catalogs and collections. It was named “Collections”.

This format allows sellers to select a main object and its associated product group to create a multi-image ad unit.

You can select an image or video as the main subject.

Automatic bidding

Sellers were also able to increase sales through automatic bidding.

Retailers will now be able to dynamically adjust bids to maximize sales.

Conversion analysis

Sellers will also be able to see how users are progressing along the path to purchase.

A new visual tool allows you to analyze conversions in more detail at each stage:

NIX Solutions notes that all of these updates have already been launched for all retailers on Pinterest.