NIX Solutions: OpenAI Launches GPT Store for User-Created Chatbots

OpenAI made a significant stride yesterday with the launch of GPT Store, a platform featuring chatbots crafted by users of the ChatGPT service. While Bloomberg reports that users have already fashioned 3 million customized chatbots, the exact number available in the application store at launch remains unclear. However, developers stand to monetize their creations over time as they gain visibility and popularity on the platform.


GPT Store Unveiled: A Hub for User-Crafted Chatbots

The GPT Store, a user-friendly hub, offers a diverse array of chatbots created without the need for programming skills. With a well-organized category section and a functional chatbot search system, users can explore a variety of applications, from educational tools helping children learn mathematics to repositories of vibrant cocktail recipes.

New Corporate Plan and Subscription Model

This week, ChatGPT users were introduced to a corporate plan requiring a $25 monthly subscription fee per person. Small companies engaged in AI system development can leverage OpenAI’s infrastructure and language models, marking the expansion of OpenAI’s offerings in the corporate sector. Notably, this corporate plan was first unveiled in August of the previous year.

Monetization Opportunity for Developers

While users currently cannot earn money from their custom chatbots, this feature will be available by the end of March,notes NIX Solutions. Developers in the USA will receive compensation proportional to the popularity of their chatbots. Despite initial delays in launching the app store, OpenAI plans to introduce new chatbots weekly, fostering a dynamic and evolving ecosystem.