NIX Solutions: New Google Analytics 4 Tag Diagnostic Tool

The Google Analytics 4 team has introduced a new tag diagnostic tool designed to help users find and fix issues with tags on their websites that may affect resource performance. By addressing these issues, the accuracy of data collection can be significantly improved, according to GA4. This enhancement is aimed at ensuring that users receive precise and reliable data from their websites.

NIX Solutions

Tag Statuses and Their Implications

The new diagnostic tool is located in the Google tag settings, specifically in the “Your Google Tag” section under the “Tag Quality” block. The system assigns one of four statuses to tags:

  1. Excellent: Your tags are considered fully optimized.
  2. Good: No problems were found with the tags, but the system offers recommendations on how to improve their quality.
  3. Requires Attention: There is a non-critical issue with the tag that needs to be fixed.
  4. Urgent: The system has detected a problem with the tag that needs to be fixed immediately to preserve metrics.

When an issue is resolved, the tag status is updated accordingly, providing users with continuous feedback on the health and performance of their tags.

Availability and Updates

This diagnostic tool is available not only in GA4 but also in Google Ads and Google Tag Manager, notes NIX Solutions. However, it is being introduced gradually and may not be available to all users immediately. We’ll keep you updated on the rollout and any further enhancements to ensure you can fully utilize this tool for optimal data accuracy.

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