NIX Solutions: Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Store Closure

Microsoft has reminded of the impending closure of Xbox 360 stores and services, including the Xbox 360 Store and Xbox 360 Marketplace, scheduled for July 29, 2024. This means users won’t be able to purchase games, add-ons, and other digital content directly from their Xbox 360 console or through the Xbox Marketplace web experience.

NIX Solutions

Notification and Assurance:

Microsoft initially notified users of the impending store closure in August 2023. Now, the company is finalizing plans to decommission the legacy service. However, users need not worry about losing access to already purchased games and add-ons. As Dave McCarthy, Microsoft’s senior manager for gaming services, assured, previously purchased content will remain available for the Xbox 360, as well as for the next generation of consoles – Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

Continued Functionality and Future Updates:

Even if games are deleted, they can be re-downloaded through the “Download History” menu, and compatibility ensures access to old purchases on the new Xbox. Online features and multiplayer in Xbox 360 games will continue to function as before. Microsoft pledges to release patches and updates even after the store closes, ensuring ongoing support for users.

Impact on Media and Purchases:

However, access to movies and TV shows through the Microsoft Movies and TV app will cease on the Xbox 360, though still available on PC or newer consoles. Purchasing additional game content directly from the console will no longer be possible, but alternatives exist through the Microsoft Store website or the store on new Xbox consoles.

In contrast to the closure of online services for outdated Nintendo Wii U and 3DS consoles, shutting down the Xbox 360 Store won’t affect online and multiplayer modes. The Xbox 360 will remain functional for years to come. Those interested in new products or previously unavailable content can explore options on or next-generation Xbox consoles. We’ll keep you updated as the closure date approaches.