NIX Solutions: Microsoft Changes Its Mind on CMA Action

At the close of April, the CMA’s rejection of the Microsoft-Activision Blizzard deal sparked concern among corporations eyeing the UK market. Microsoft hinted at a potential exit, favoring the European Union for business prospects.


However, negotiations eventually led to an accord between Microsoft and the CMA. In a recent BBC Radio 4 Today interview, Brad Smith lauded the CMA’s firm yet equitable stance, acknowledging a learning curve in dealing with UK regulators.

“While my initial concerns remain, I value the CMA’s stringent standards,” noted Smith. “Their approach was robust yet justifiable.”

Shifting Strategies and Future Outlook

The unexpected commendation from Microsoft’s CEO surprised many observers, prompting gamers to advocate for ameliorating relations with the CMA. Strengthening ties could facilitate smoother future acquisitions for the Xbox giant, notes NIX Solutions.

Smith’s strategy pivot after a protracted tussle with the CMA signifies a calculated move. The CMA’s meticulous scrutiny necessitates a nuanced approach for forthcoming deals in the UK.