NIXsolutions: GPT-4o Launch Spurs Record Mobile Revenue for OpenAI

OpenAI’s launch of the flagship GPT-4o model led to the company’s largest-ever increase in mobile revenue, even though the model itself is freely available on the Internet. GPT-4o can process text, speech, and video, reacting emotionally with voice in real-time. According to analytics company Appfigures, this innovation is pushing more users to switch to a paid ChatGPT Plus subscription.


While OpenAI has stated that the GPT-4o generative model will be available to users for free, this promise does not extend to users of the ChatGPT app on mobile devices. To use the latest version of the chatbot, they will have to sign up for a monthly ChatGPT Plus subscription for $19.99.

Impact on Mobile Revenue and Future Trends

OpenAI’s decision generated increased subscription demand among mobile users, resulting in OpenAI’s largest-ever increase in mobile revenue. According to Appfigures, net revenue from the ChatGPT mobile app increased by 22% on the day of GPT-4o’s launch and continued to grow in the following days. Net app revenue the day after GPT-4o launched was $900,000, nearly double the average daily revenue of $491,000. Revenue figures are after fees from Apple and Google.

Last week, from Monday to Friday, the ChatGPT mobile app earned $4.2 million in revenue on the App Store and Google Play, adds NIXsolutions. This is the biggest jump in revenue the app has ever seen. The sharp increase in revenue shows there is real consumer demand for the latest AI technology, even if it’s more expensive than a Netflix subscription. According to experts, this trend will continue or even intensify in the future.

We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available on this ongoing trend and its impact on the tech industry.