NIXsolutions: Google’s New Policy on AI-Generated Reviews and Ratings

Updated Requirements for Reviews and Ratings

Google is preparing to roll out an updated help document detailing the requirements for product reviews and ratings in its Merchant Center. While most of the existing guidelines remain unchanged, there is a notable addition concerning reviews and ratings created with the assistance of artificial intelligence.


Google’s Stand Against AI-Generated Reviews

In a significant shift, Google now explicitly forbids the use of AI-generated content for product reviews and ratings, classifying it as spam. If such content is discovered within the feed, it must be marked with the is_spam attribute. Google reiterates its preference for genuine, human-written reviews and emphasizes its dedication to keeping its trading platforms secure for both merchants and users.

Enforcement and Consequences

Google’s approach to enforcing these policies involves a combination of automated and human evaluation. Machine learning algorithms are utilized to identify content that violates the guidelines, and specialized experts handle complex cases that require contextual understanding. Violations of the new policy may result in the blocking of reviews and ratings and could lead to account suspensions for repeated or severe offenses.

NIXsolutions notes that the new policy will become effective on August 28, ensuring a fair and transparent environment for all users of Google’s Merchant Center.