NIX Solutions: Google Ads Update

Google Ads introduces product-specific statistics, as well as conversion value rules for visits and sales. You can now add an estimated delivery date and free returns information to listings. Also, mass management of sales and promotions became available in the Content API. The Google Ads team told about all the updates in their blog.

NIX Solutions

Product statistics became available at the account level in the Products tab. Data is collected from all shopping campaigns. The Insights column displays recommendations to help you spot underperforming products and missing attributes and compare your bids to those of your competitors.

Conversion value rules for store visits and offline sales are now available at the campaign level. They can be used to optimize Smart Bidding by specifying a specific value per visit or sale. However, it can be different for different campaigns. For example, you can specify a value of $10 and $50 for high-margin products to promote low-margin products.

Learn more about the new conversion value rules in Google Ads Help.

Estimated delivery date and free returns information can now be added to shopping listings. They will include phrases such as “Receive by December 20” and “Free returns within 90 days.” In order to do this, you need to add information to the feed.

See the Merchant Center Help for more information about delivery dates and returns.

NIX Solutions adds that bulk management of sales and promotions has become available in the Content API. Learn more about how to work with them on the Google Developer site.