NIX Solutions: Google Launches Tag Reach Summary

Google has launched a new “Tag Reach” summary that lets you see which pages on your site have a single Google tag added and where it doesn’t. The summary is available in Google Ads, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, the company says in a blog post.


In the Page Details table, you can see a list of page URLs and their corresponding tag statuses:

  1. The tag was not added, which means that the tag was never loaded.
  2. No Recent Activity – the tag has loaded before, but Google hasn’t received any data from it in the last 30 days.
  3. Tag added – the tag has been loaded in the last 30 days.

If the summary does not contain all the pages of the site, they can be added as a list of URLs or as a CSV file.

In Google Ads, the summary can be found through the “Tools and Settings” menu in the “Settings” section, “Google Tag” item. Next, in the admin tab, in the tools section, click “Tag Scope”.

In Google Analytics, you need to select a resource, a data stream, and in the “Google Tag” section, click “Tag Setup”. Next, in the admin tab, in the tools section, click “Tag Scope”.

In Google Tag Manager, open the “Administrator” section, and in the “Container” subsection, click “Tag scope”.

You can read more about the new summary and Google Unified Tag in Google Tag Manager Help.

NIX Solutions notes that also in the coming weeks, Google plans to simplify conversion tracking with a single tag – no additional code will need to be installed on the site.