NIX Solutions: Google Ads’s Changes to Public Services Advertising Rules

Google Ads has warned that there will be changes to the rules for other prohibited types of business in March 2023. In particular, to the points concerning the advertising of public services and services for obtaining official documents.


The Company will allow government-approved authorized representatives and resellers to advertise public service and government services. Details on the exact date of entry into force of these changes and the transition period will be published in January 2023, says SearchEngines.

Organizations that have government approval to issue official documents or provide public services (and this is confirmed on the website of the government organization) will need to apply for Google certification. After passing the certification, they will be able to advertise their services along with government agencies.

NIX Solutions reminds that that Google Ads banned advertising of services that can be obtained directly from government organizations or their authorized representatives in May 2020. The rules relate to the promotion of those services that make it easier to obtain, renew, replace or search for official documents or information. As well as assisting in filing applications or paying for official public services.