NIX Solutions: Google Released Google Ads Editor 2.2

Google Ads Editor has been updated to version 2.2. The new version makes it easier to work with the library of objects and you can set up a display schedule in the visual interface. The full list of updates is provided by the Search Engine Roundtable.

NIX Solutions

Object Library

In the new version of Google Ads Editor, you can add, remove and rename images, move images to folders, filter objects and search for an object by name.


All critical information about your Google Ads Editor account can now be viewed by clicking the notifications button on the toolbar. Google also added alerts for new notifications.

Ad display schedule

You can now set up a schedule in the visual interface. Previously, this could only be done by uploading a CSV file or importing from another campaign.

Out of sync indicator

Google Ads Editor will now regularly check to see if there have been changes to your account since the last sync, and if so, notify you to sync them.

Video campaigns

The new version of Google Ads Editor now supports recommended budgets for video campaigns, target frequency, and shopping video campaigns.

Google Ads Editor also began to support more types of recommendations, changed the name of the “Targeting extension” feature to “Optimized targeting”, and stopped supporting Gmail display campaigns.

The new version of Google Ads Editor can be downloaded from the tool’s website.

NIX Solutions notes that Google reported the cost per lead from Google Ads search advertising increasing in 91% of industries from October 2021 to September 2022.