NIX Solutions: Google Ads Dashboard Got 3 New Changes for Marketers

Google has made several changes to the Google Ads dashboard, which will impact how marketers use the platform. The changes are aimed at providing advertisers with more information and control over their campaigns. In this article, we will discuss the three most significant changes.

  1. Improved Recommendations

Google Ads will now provide more personalized recommendations to advertisers. The recommendations will be based on an advertiser’s specific business goals and data, such as ad performance, budget, and industry benchmarks. The recommendations will also be more specific and actionable, allowing advertisers to take immediate action to improve their campaigns.

NIX Solutions

  1. Performance Max Campaigns

Google Ads is introducing a new campaign type called Performance Max. This campaign type will allow advertisers to run ads across all Google’s ad inventory, including YouTube, Google Discover, and the Display Network. Performance Max campaigns will use machine learning to optimize ad delivery, making it easier for advertisers to reach their target audience and achieve their campaign goals.

  1. New Insights Page

Google Ads has introduced a new Insights page that provides advertisers with a more comprehensive view of their campaigns. The page includes metrics such as clicks, impressions, conversions, and cost per conversion. The Insights page also includes information on the types of devices used to view ads, audience demographics, and search queries that triggered the ads.


These three changes to the Google Ads dashboard are aimed at helping advertisers better understand and optimize their campaigns, concludes NIX Solutions. The improved recommendations, Performance Max campaigns, and Insights page will provide advertisers with more information and control over their campaigns, making it easier for them to achieve their business goals.