NIX Solutions: GA 4 Added New Features for Working with Big Data

The Google Analytics 4 team added a data quality badge to every card in the report summary and overview reports. In the “(Other)” line, the system began to offer to bypass the restrictions associated with big data, and for Google Analytics 360 resources – to manage the selection. The GA4 team reports on innovations in the help.

NIX Solutions

The data quality icon used to be displayed at the top of the report summary and overview reports. But different cards may have different data quality messages. Therefore, now the quality icon is displayed on each card.

Two new features have been added to the “(Other)” row to help minimize the limitations of big data.

Now you can:

  • Create a similar Study based on the report. Studies use only raw data at the event level and therefore do not display the “(Other)” line.
  • Connect Rich Dataset – available in Google Analytics 360. You can mark up to 100 reports as high priority and GA4 will exclude the “(Other)” line from them.

Google Analytics 360 assets have new selection controls:

  • More detailed results – GA4 creates the largest possible sample to make its data as accurate as possible.
  • Faster results (default setting) – GA4 generates a smaller sample, but most quickly.

NIX Solutions aads that you can learn more about the “(Other)” line and data sampling in the GA4 help.