NIXsolutions: Facebook Launches Auto-Rule Between Ad Groups

Facebook advertisers are now able to create auto-rules to help prevent competition between ad groups of the same advertiser in an auction. With a new automatic rule template, ads running in the same ad account won’t try to outbid each other. This is stated in the Facebook Ads Manager post in the Help Center.


To create an auto rule, you need to select campaigns, ad groups or ads to which the rule will be applied and click on the “Rules” button. In the drop-down list, select “Create a new rule”.

Then you need to select the type of rule – “Reduce intersections in auctions”.

Also, fill in the fields “Rule Name”, “Action”, “Schedule” and “Notification”. Next to the field names, there are system tips that will help you figure out what information to add to the highlighted line.

NIXsolutions adds, Facebook recently launched a small business tool – Campaign Idea Generator.