NIX Solutions: EU to Investigate AliExpress for DSA Compliance

The European Commission announced on Thursday its formal investigation into AliExpress, the international e-commerce site owned by Chinese tech giant Alibaba, to assess its compliance with the Digital Services Act (DSA).

Investigation Scope and Focus

The investigation will scrutinize various aspects of AliExpress’s operations to ascertain compliance with DSA requirements. Specifically, it will delve into areas such as risk management, content moderation, transparency of advertising, seller tracking, and access to data for researchers. Additionally, the European Commission (EC) aims to evaluate the platform’s internal complaints mechanism and its adherence to terms of service, particularly regarding the prohibition of products endangering consumer health, including counterfeit medicines.

NIX Solutions

Key Concerns

Of particular concern to the EC is the potential inadequacy in enforcing AliExpress’s terms of service, which prohibit the sale of certain products detrimental to consumer well-being. Moreover, the investigation will explore potential violations of the DSA related to minors accessing inappropriate content on the platform, adds NIX Solutions.

Previous Investigations and Next Steps

This marks the third investigation by the EC into DSA compliance, following similar probes into TikTok and social media platform X. The outcome of this investigation will likely have significant implications for AliExpress and may prompt changes to its operations to ensure compliance with EU regulations. As the investigation progresses, we’ll keep you updated on any developments.

In summary, the European Commission’s investigation into AliExpress underscores the importance of regulatory compliance in the digital sphere. As authorities strive to protect consumer interests and maintain a fair marketplace, the outcome of this probe will shape the future landscape of e-commerce within the European Union.