NIXsolutions: Epic Games Store Still Operating at a Loss in 2023

The Epic Games Store, which launched in December 2018, stands out in the digital storefront arena for its reduced developer commission of 12%, compared to the industry-standard 30%.

NIX Solutions

Exclusivity Deals and Free Games

Epic has invested heavily in its store, offering major games for free and securing exclusive rights to upcoming titles. Notably, they acquired exclusivity for “Alan Wake II.”

Continued Loss6es in 2023

In 2021, during the lawsuit with Apple, it was revealed that the Epic Games Store was still operating at a loss. Contrary to expectations, the store was not projected to turn a profit by 2023, as confirmed by Steve Allison, the general manager, in the case against Google.

Investing in Growth

Despite ongoing losses, Epic Games continues to prioritize the growth of the store. Recent staff layoffs, affecting 16% of the workforce, were attributed to overspending, but the company remains committed to investing in the Epic Games Store.

Growing User Base

NIXsolutions reminds that as of the end of 2022, the Epic Games Store has reached over 230 million users, showcasing significant growth from 194 million in 2021. Peak daily online users reached 34.3 million, and peak monthly online users totaled 68 million.