NIX Solutions: Users Activity in Brand Accounts

Clarus Commerce has done research and studied how users interact with brands in exchange for various bonuses. 42% of users are ready to subscribe to the brand’s page on the social network, 26% – to leave a comment, and 23% – to repost the post to their page. At the same time, 39% do not interact with brands on social networks at all, even if they are offered some kind of goodies for this, the company’s report says.

NIX Solutions

At the same time, 78% of consumers are willing to pay to participate in a premium loyalty program. What captivates users in such programs:

  • free shipping (69%),
  • instant discounts (63%),
  • free draws (59%),
  • unexpected rewards (43%),
  • faster delivery (40%).

The same 78% of consumers participate in traditional loyalty programs. At the same time, 83% of them say that they are ready to pay for a premium subscription. And 9 out of 10 members of the premium loyalty program said that they would not go shopping with competitors who have lower prices for goods.

How much consumers are willing to pay for a premium loyalty program with their favorite brands:

  • less than $50 per year – 46%,
  • $51-$100 per year – 22%,
  • $101-$150 per year – 8%,
  • more than $150 per year – 2%.

23% of users are not ready to spend money on participating in a paid loyalty program.

8 out of 10 respondents plan to join additional premium loyalty programs during the year. Generation Z has the highest desire to connect to the premium program – 87%, notes NIX Solutions.

Consumers are willing to pay for a premium loyalty program for brands that sell the following product categories:

  • products – 65%,
  • clothes and accessories — 50%,
  • beauty and health – 35%,
  • gas – 50%,
  • entertainment – 34%,
  • travel — 33%,
  • furniture – 20%.