NIXsolutions: Claim Platform Raises $4M Seed Funding

Claim, the innovative rewards app and social network, has secured $4 million in seed funding led by Sequoia Capital. The app aims to revolutionize shopping by infusing it with fun, rewards, and social connectivity. Initially launched in an invite-only beta in January, the platform is currently targeting students within Boston’s university and college community.


Redefining Digital Ownership and Social Engagement

Founded in November 2021 by CEO Sam Obletz and CTO Tap Stevenson, Claim was conceptualized during their time as roommates at Yale University. The inspiration struck later when they reunited at Harvard Business School, sparking discussions on the concept of digital ownership and its implications.

“We created Claim because we were really interested in what it means to own something online,” Stevenson explained to TechCrunch. “We’ve seen this in web3, in sports, and also in collectibles. There have always been places where you could own something online, but there was no generic form of it.”

Transforming Consumer Rewards into Shared Experiences

The duo envisioned a platform where users could earn rewards tied to their credit cards, transferable and redeemable in the physical world, notes NIXsolutions. This evolved into a social mechanism allowing users not only to earn but also to trade rewards among friends, establishing a novel form of social engagement.

Claim offers consumers a unique value-based experience, akin to the concept of trading cards but for brands. The startup has effectively gamified consumer rewards, facilitating collaborative experiences while offering financial savings.