NIX Solutions: What Emails Have An Open Rate Of 46.7%

Bluecore has analyzed over 35 billion email campaigns. Experts have found out that welcome emails show the highest level of engagement in mailing lists — their Open Rate reaches 46.7%. These studies are published on the Bluecore website.

NIX Solutions

How the indicators were distributed for other types of letters:

  •  letters with information that the goods are back in stock were in second place – their Open Rate is 38%;
  • for letters with a warning that there is not enough goods left, the open rate reaches 37.3%;
  • abandoned cart emails show 37.3%;
  • mailings with a reminder of a viewed product (37.2%).

Bluecore also studied which emails had the highest click-through rate. Here, welcome emails were once again in first place, showing a level of 11%. In second place are letters with information that the product is back in stock (10.6%). And on the third one are letters informing about the price reduction (9%).

NIX Solutions adds that at the same time, welcome emails also have the highest unsubscribe rates (0.8%), which is twice as high as the “Item back in stock” emails. Bluecore encourages brands not only to offer discounts in their welcome emails, but also to go into more detail about their products.