NIX Solutions: Amazon Launched AI to Generate Product Images

Amazon has rolled out a revolutionary generative AI feature, offering sellers a powerful tool to enhance their product listings. This feature allows sellers to effortlessly incorporate captivating background images generated by a sophisticated neural network, eliminating the need for extensive content creation.

NIX Solutions

How It Works

The neural network’s functionality is straightforward and user-friendly. To transform a product image, sellers follow these simple steps:

  1. Select Products and Text Request: In the Amazon Ad Console, choose at least three products and navigate to the image settings section. Here, you can input a text request, which should not exceed 300 characters. The neural network utilizes this input to complete the background transformation.
  2. Access the “Enhance” Function: After integrating the desired background, the “Enhance” function becomes available. This tool enables users to add intricate details, like spices or pumpkins, to imbue the image with a particular ambiance, such as a cozy fall setting.

This innovative neural network shares similarities with other AI tools like DALL-E 3 and Midjourney, notes NIX Solutions. Users input a query, and the AI, in this case, Amazon AI, generates a corresponding image. Currently, Amazon AI is in the beta testing phase, offering sellers a glimpse into its transformative potential.

Forbes also ventured into the AI realm by launching a beta version of its generative search platform, Adelaide.