NIX Solutions reports: AliExpress Launches Superstores

AliExpress Russia launches a new format for local stores – superstores, reports Retail-Loyalty. This format will allow local manufacturers and sellers to sell on the marketplace without opening their own store and without dealing with operational issues, and buyers can order goods of the same category with a common basket and fast delivery at competitive prices.

One of the first such superstores will be Bolshoi Domashny, a home goods hypermarket. AliExpress plans to attract about 1000 local sellers to work with the shop, present an assortment of more than 300 thousand household goods, as well as launch superstores in other product categories.

Buyers of the Bolshoy Domashny superstore will have access to a single basket regardless of which goods will be included there – from one or different suppliers. Orders will be delivered in less than 10 days within Russia to the door or to the point of issue of orders.

The delivery cost will be fixed – from $0 to $5, depending on the cost of the order, the method and region of delivery. For example, delivery to pick-up points and checkpoints will be free from $6, delivery by courier from $30.

The logistics of the project is the responsibility of Cainao (part of the Alibaba Group and is the third largest logistics operator in the world). At the launch of the Bolshoi Domashny store, it will be possible to buy tools, lighting products, furniture, household and summer cottages – about 15,000 in total. The range will constantly expand as new suppliers enter.

For sellers, working through a superstore will give the opportunity to trade on the marketplace without loading goods, promoting, communicating with buyers, storing, packaging and delivering goods. One of the largest and most experienced service partners of AliExpress, AliWay, is responsible for the full cycle of sales through the superstore. The commission for working with the superstore will be 25% – this includes the AliExpress commission (5-8% depending on the product category), as well as the costs of product placement, promotion on the marketplace, working with customers and delivering orders to customers. Money is withheld only from completed orders.

“There are a lot of manufacturers and sellers in Russia who offer quality goods at fair prices, but they are not always in places where people are willing to buy them. Quarantine has shown how important it is to develop online sales, but many lack the expertise or resources to competently manage this distribution channel. Bolshoi Domashniy is the first shop-in-shop format store on AliExpress, which was created specifically so that small and medium-sized businesses can start on the marketplace without spending time and energy on mastering this channel, ”says Andrey Voronin, Head direction of  “Dom” on AliExpress Russia.

The demand for home and garden products has been growing in recent months. This is influenced by the expansion of the range, seasonality and long quarantine, during which many users tried to improve their living conditions. So, in the second quarter of 2020, sales of instruments grew by 94% compared to the second quarter of 2019, notes NIX Solutions.

The best sellers in the category of tools were sets of wrenches and screwdrivers, welding machines and accessories for welding, compressors, laser rangefinders. Gardening tool sales in the second quarter of 2020 were up 192% compared to the second quarter of 2019. The most popular positions in the category are gasoline lawn trimmers of various capacities, outboard motors, lawn mowers and electric trimmers.