NIX Solutions: Windows 12 Subscription Model Unveiled

A few weeks ago, an intriguing revelation surfaced in the code of a Windows 12 test build. This discovery triggered speculation about potential alterations to Microsoft’s operating system licensing model.

NIX Solutions

Subscription Plans for Windows 12

Windows Latest, a well-known source for Windows-related news, has confirmed the existence of a subscription plan. However, this subscription model is not intended for all versions of Windows 12.

Subscription for Enterprise Users

The subscription details pertain specifically to the Enterprise build of Windows 12, designed for organizational use. These organizations will have access to extended support, including options like a dedicated hotline for addressing OS and computer-related issues.

Individual Users Stick to Traditional Activation

In contrast, the Consumer version of Windows 12, designed for individual users, will not require a subscription. Instead, individuals can activate the operating system using a traditional lifetime key.

Free Upgrades for Windows 10 and 11 License Holders

Microsoft is also offering a compelling incentive for existing Windows 10 and 11 license holders – they can upgrade to Windows 12 at no additional cost, adds NIX Solutions.

The future of Windows 12 licensing appears to be evolving, with the introduction of subscriptions for Enterprise users and continued support for individual users through lifetime keys.