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Thanks to NIX Solutions’ team. Repeatedly helps in matters that I would have solved much longer. Explains everything quickly and competently. Recomend to everybody!

Alexander Williams


Professional and competent approach. Good and honest specialists, will definitely benefit from their services more.

Dan Cooper


I am satisfied. I decided to conduct my business through the internet, and I get answers to my questions. On the average, I can recommend these services. I’m planning to contact you again.

Hussain Abbas


Top class specialists!

I spent a week dealing with eComm. I connected freelancers with sales experience. The result is a ban on the placement of my products. My advice is: don’t save your money. Believe me, this is not worth the wasted nerves, time and a banned account. As a result, within 1 hour, all thought and unthinkable obstacles were bypassed and the goods are already on sale.

Tyler Wilson


I want to express my gratitude from our entire team and personally from me for the work done! In the future, we will definitely contact you, as well as recommend you to all our friends. Thanks!

Mark Foster


Grateful for the comprehensive consultations.

Your specialist was constantly in touch, even on Sunday evening when urgent questions appeared, he connected and helped to figure it out.

It’s good that I found your company, otherwise it would be difficult to understand everything. And I would have made a lot of mistakes if I started to study myself.

On the first day after the first listing was published, the first sale came. I am glad about the services provided and wanted to share my opinion, so this is my NIX Solutions review. Thanks.

Sasha Sanders


I want to thank the team for working with me. Your services were professional and very prompt. Thank you very much!

Musa White