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Each online store once reaches its natural sales ceiling. At this point, external marketing changes may begin: the product range is expanding or contracting, the site design is being redesigned, huge budgets are pouring into the promotion.

Then the store reaches the sales ceiling again and the story repeats. There are effective ways to overcome this ceiling and increase sales without radical changes, risks and high costs.

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At NIX Solutions we use the internal resources of your online store to increase sales. We will take your e-Commerce to a new level of efficiency.

The term e-Commerce means transactions for the purchase or sale using electronic means, doing business through the Internet. It refers to everything related to business automation, organization and support of commercial transactions in the Internet space.

Electronic commerce at NIX Solutions is an integrated logistics for online stores that offers conceptual, operational and executive assistance to electronic sellers.

We are able to offer our clients a full range of logistics tools and services in the e-commerce sector. And we are constantly developing. Every day we facilitate the work of our clients thanks to our knowledge and experience, safety and ease, comfort and speed.

Setting up electronic commerce allows you to analyze the behavior of visitors to the site, from adding a product /service to the basket until the purchase is completed. The information received will display data on goods and services that were selected by the consumer and purchased, and those which were put in the basket, but did not result in a purchase.

Addressing to NIX Solutions, you will deal with real specialists that know how to optimize your resource in order to refine it. Addressing to us, you invest into the smooth work of your website and into your own profit.