NIXsolutions: Telegram to Introduce Monetization for Channel Owners

Telegram founder Pavel Durov recently announced a new move for the platform, revealing that starting next month, channel owners will have the opportunity to earn money. Durov shared this development on his channel, emphasizing the forthcoming introduction of monetary rewards for the hard work put in by Telegram channel operators.

NIX Solutions

Monetization Expansion and Global Accessibility

Durov highlighted that despite Telegram channels garnering an impressive 1 trillion views monthly, only 10% of these views are currently monetized through the Telegram Ads advertising platform. To address this, in March, Telegram Ads will be accessible to advertisers in a hundred new countries, marking a significant expansion. Channel owners will be entitled to 50% of the revenue generated by Telegram from the advertisements displayed on their channels.

Blockchain-Powered Transactions for Efficiency

In a bid to facilitate swift and secure payments, Telegram will exclusively utilize the TON blockchain. This strategic move ensures the use of Toncoin, the cryptocurrency associated with TON blockchain, for selling advertising and sharing revenue. This innovative approach creates a self-sustaining loop, allowing content creators the flexibility to either cash out Toncoin earnings or reinvest them in channel promotion and modernization, notes NIXsolutions.

In response to Durov’s announcement, the Toncoin cryptocurrency experienced a noteworthy surge, increasing by a quarter and briefly surpassing $2.80 per coin. As of the latest update, Toncoin is trading around $2.71 per coin, according to data from CoinGecko.