NIX Solutions: Telegram Introduces Monetization Program for Channel Owners

Telegram has unveiled a new monetization program, offering channel owners the chance to earn revenue from advertisements displayed on their channels. With this initiative, creators can now receive 50% of the ad revenue, provided their channel has at least 1000 subscribers.

NIX Solutions

Opportunities for Channel Owners

Channel owners have multiple options to utilize their earnings. They can withdraw their rewards without any commission or opt to use them for various purposes such as paying for advertisements on Telegram, collecting addresses, or participating in drawings for Premium subscriptions. To keep track of their advertising revenue statistics, owners can navigate to the channel settings and access the “Statistics” > “Monetization” section. Withdrawals will soon be facilitated through the Fragment platform, providing a seamless process for creators.

Advertisement Payment Methods and Placement

Advertisements on Telegram can be paid for using Toncoin, a cryptocurrency based on the TON blockchain. The platform highlights the TON blockchain’s advantages, including low fees, high transaction processing speed, and support for a significant volume of transactions per second. When creating an advertisement, channel owners can choose specific channels for placement and display, enhancing targeting options for advertisers.

Global Restrictions and Unique Advertising Approach

It’s worth noting that TON-based advertisements are currently not displayed to users in certain countries, including Ukraine, Palestine, and Israel, as outlined in a Telegram press release. Unlike traditional advertising methods, Telegram’s approach ensures that ads only appear in large public channels, rather than in user chats or other app screens. Additionally, Telegram does not utilize personal data for ad targeting, and the content of ads depends solely on the channels in which they are displayed. Channel owners are rewarded based on impressions, fostering a fair and transparent advertising ecosystem, notes NIX Solutions.

Premium Subscription Benefits

For users who prefer an ad-free experience, the option to disable advertisements is available through Telegram Premium subscriptions.

Stay tuned for further updates on Telegram’s monetization program as we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments.