NIXsolutions: Social Media Advertising Revenue from Minors in 2022

A Harvard University study delved into advertising revenue from social media platforms, revealing intriguing insights into the monetary gains derived from users under 18.


Ad Revenue Breakdown:

The study highlighted YouTube as the top earner among users under 12, amassing $959.1 million, trailed by Instagram ($801.1 million) and Facebook ($137.2 million). For the 13-17 age bracket, Instagram led the way with $4 billion, followed by TikTok ($2 billion) and YouTube ($1.2 billion). Snapchat garnered 41% of its total ad revenue from minors, with TikTok close behind at 35%, followed by YouTube (27%) and Instagram (16%). Overall, these social networks collectively amassed a staggering $11 billion in advertising revenue targeting minors in 2022.

Study Methodology:

Analysts employed a methodology relying on estimated user counts and revenue figures derived from sources such as US Census data, Common Sense Media, Pew Research, Insider Intelligence, and Qustodio. Estimating user counts under 18 across platforms, they gauged ad revenue and daily platform usage per child.

Call for Regulation:

These findings have prompted discussions on the necessity for governmental oversight in the realm of social media, notes NIXsolutions. The study advocates for regulations and increased transparency from tech companies to curb potentially harmful advertising practices and mitigate the impact on youth mental health. In response, the Federal Trade Commission proposed stringent changes, including default disabling of targeted ads for children under 13 and push message limitations. Meta, owning Instagram and Facebook, previously faced legal action for alleged contributions to the mental health crisis.