NIX Solutions: Google Adds Price Drop Info

Last week, Google updated its product markup documentation with a new paragraph on how to get price drop information to appear in extended results – Price drop.

Price drop is one of the improvements that can be used when displaying products on Google, states SearchEngines. The improvements depend on what markup is used. Previously, the only available options were Shipping Details. Now they have also added a price drop.

This improvement helps users understand the lowest price for a product of interest. Google automatically calculates price reductions based on the current average price of an item.

To get this improvement, you need to add the Offer property to the Product markup. In this case, a specific price and not a range, should be indicated in the Price field.

As with extended results in general, adding markup does not guarantee this improvement will be shown, but it does make it potentially possible.

NIX Solutions notes that the new improvement is currently only available in the US in English both on mobile and desktop devices.

When it will launch in other countries, Google has not specified.