NIXsolutions: OpenAI’s Trademark Bid for GPT Faces Another Setback

OpenAI’s attempt to secure a trademark for the abbreviation GPT, representing Generative Pre-trained Transformer, has encountered a second rejection from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The Verge reports that the USPTO deemed the term too broad, expressing concerns that its registration could hinder competitors from accurately describing their own GPT-based products.

NIX Solutions

Trademark Application Challenges

Despite OpenAI’s request to expedite the application process, the USPTO denied the request, citing a lack of sufficient documentary evidence justifying accelerated consideration. The decision on February 6 emphasized that the understanding of GPT as a generic software type, rather than exclusive to OpenAI, holds precedence over consumer awareness.

Proliferation of GPT in AI Landscape

The rise of generative AI technology has led numerous AI services to incorporate GPT into their product names. Companies also commonly use GPT to denote their underlying AI models, contributing to the term’s widespread adoption, adds NIXsolutions.

According to Gizmodo, this marks the second instance of the USPTO rejecting OpenAI’s GPT trademark application, with the initial rejection occurring in May 2023. OpenAI retains the option to appeal the decision by approaching the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB).