NIX Solutions: Telegram Channel Ranking Update

Telegram has introduced a new mechanism for ranking channels in its search results. This update comes as an effort to combat spam and ensure a fairer system for channel discovery.

NIX Solutions

Factors Considered in Ranking

Subscriber Count, Premium Accounts, and Country

Under the new ranking method, the number of subscribers with Premium accounts plays a pivotal role. Channels with a higher proportion of Premium subscribers will receive a boost in search rankings. Additionally, the user’s country is factored in.

Countermeasures Against Spam

Reducing the Impact of Excessive Premium Subscriptions

To thwart spammers attempting to artificially boost their channel rankings, Telegram will reduce the influence of users with Premium subscriptions who subscribe to an excessive number of channels, reminds NIX Solutions. While the precise ranking mechanisms remain undisclosed, this update has garnered positive feedback from channel owners, indicating a step in the right direction for Telegram search results.