NIX Solutions: Google Ads Launches New Insights Page with Trends Relevant to Your Account

In the coming weeks, Google Ads will launch a beta version of a new Insights page with trends that are relevant to each specific account, reports SearchEngines. So far, it is only available in four countries: the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

With the help of Insights, advertisers can identify emerging trends affecting their business. For example, a pet store owner may see a growing market demand for “dog subscription kits” and “dog toys”. As a result, they will be able to create a campaign targeting this particular category of consumers and attract new customers.

The new page also allows for a deeper analysis of current trends in order to understand which search queries are growing and in which locations the demand is growing the fastest.

Advertisers can also find new business-relevant opportunities through featured trends: the growing ones that they don’t yet cover.

Finally, the Insights page also provides guidance to help advertisers apply this practice right away. For example, add new keywords, make changes to budget and bids.

Insights beta testing will be expanded in 2021.

NIX Solutions reminds that the new Google Ads announced the launch of the Insights page in October.