NIXSolutions: Ads Success Correlatae To Users’ Mood

Experts from GWI and Imgur polled 2,000 social network users and found that half of them click on ads more often if they are in a good mood. Survey results can be downloaded from the GWI website.

NIX Solutions

The study involved US residents over the age of 16 who spend at least half an hour a day on social networks, says NIXSolutions. The experts asked them what content they prefer to see on social media and from brands. The main findings of the survey are:

  • 68% of respondents are looking for positive content on social media, including from brands. This is especially important for millennials (70%) and those who spend at least three hours a day on the Internet (74%).
  • Entertaining and funny content are leaders for all categories of users. It is preferred by 50% and 52% of people.
  • Only 26% and 20% of respondents search for politicized or shocking content in social networks.
  • 50% of respondents will click on ads if they are in a good mood. Among people with high incomes, 53% do this, and among those who tend to make impulsive online purchases, 51%.
  • For 61% of social media users, it is important that content from brands is entertaining, for 57% it is informative and educational, and for 55% it is inspiring.