NIX Solutions: Merchant Center Extends Auto-Tagging Feature to All Free Offers

Google Merchant Center has implemented support for additional sources for tracking free conversions using automatic tagging.

Auto-tagging is a feature that, when used with third-party web analytics tools, allows you to understand how often clicks on free ads lead to purchases. When a user clicks on a free offer, a special identifier is automatically added to the URL.

 NIX Solutions

You can now use this feature to view conversions for all impressions of free offers on Google search, including local ones, says SearchEngines.

As a reminder, since its launch in February, the auto-tagging feature has only been available for offers in the Purchased tab. Now it has earned for all free offers in Google SERP.

NIX Solutions notes, that if you’re already using this feature for your ads, you don’t need to do anything: additional conversion data from free offers in organic and local listings will be included in the reports automatically.

Those who have not yet used automatic tagging can activate it in their Merchant Center account by setting the switch to the appropriate position.

More information about this feature and its activation can be found in the Help.