NIXsolutions: Google Unveils New Search Product for Retailers

Google has announced the public launch of a new Google Cloud Retail Search service. With it, retailers will be able to provide quality search results and recommendations on their own sites. The new solution is designed to help sellers increase conversions and reduce search abandonment churn, states SearchEngines.


According to Google, retailers lose about $300 billion a year due to low-quality search. This is evidenced by the results of a recent Harris Poll, commissioned by the company.

According to the survey, in the past six months, 94% of consumers have seen irrelevant results on retailer websites, and 85% have had difficulty finding products online.

That being said, retailers are aware of this problem. The same survey found that 90% of ecommerce website owners agree that low-quality search is a costly problem for their company. Meanwhile, 53% of shoppers who find the products they were looking for also buy additional products in the same store.

Google claims the best solution to this problem is Retail Search, which “helps convert shopping intent to scale.”

The service can be integrated into the company’s website and mobile application, notes NIXsolutions. Machine learning is used to understand what consumers are looking for. The benefits of the new solution also include personalized results for each customer and recommendations based on search history.

Retail Search is part of the Product Discovery Solutions for Retail suite of services offered by Google Cloud.

The new product has been launched all over the world.