NIX Solutions: Google Ads Update For Responsive Ads

The Google Ads team announced on Google Marketing Live that they are working on improving the relevance of responsive search ads. This year, they plan to launch auto-generated objects. Google will create titles, descriptions and other objects and combine them with those objects provided by the advertiser. The new feature is currently in beta testing.

NIX Solutions

The function of creating additional creatives will be connected at the request of the advertiser at the campaign level, says SearchEngines. It will only use relevant content from the specified landing page or site, as well as from existing ads and keywords in the same ad group.

It can be whole sentences or phrases, as well as retelling in other words, while maintaining the original meaning, explains NIX Solutions. Objects created this way will be added to the pool of eligible creatives for the responsive search ad. In order to display an ad in response to a search query, the system will search for suitable objects (both provided by the advertiser and automatically created) and select those that are predicted to work best.

Advertisers will be able to opt out of this option and ask Google to only use the properties they have provided to it in their ads.

Learn more about auto-generated properties in Google Ads Help.