NIX Solutions: Google Ad Manager Introduces Real-Time Report For Video Ads

The Google Ad Manager team has launched three new video ad analytics tools, including a real-time report. Statistics on the effectiveness of video ads began to be transmitted in two minutes, according to the Google Ad Manager blog.

NIX Solutions

Signals for programmatic selling ads. This is a new card in your Overview summary that will help you evaluate the performance of your programmatic video inventory. On the card, you can see data on impressions, fill rates, effective CPM, and eligible queries.

Learn more in the Google Ad Manager Help.

VAST errors. Another new card in the Overview summary. It shows the VAST errors that caused the loss of impressions, as well as the line items and creatives that caused the errors. The data can be sorted to find the errors that have the greatest impact on revenue.

Learn more about VAST errors in Google Ad Manager Help.

Real time report. Google Ad Manager reduced access time to historical data to two minutes. This will allow you to quickly correct errors when placing ads in live broadcasts – before the next commercial break.

Learn more about real-time reporting in Google Ad Manager Help.

In addition to these three tools for advertisers, Google has released a tool for publishers called YouTube Ad Display Checker, notes NIX Solutions. The tool lets viewers know which ads are being shown on their videos and why.