NIXSolutions: Merchant Center for YouTube Campaigns Got More Accessible

The Google Ads team has expanded the use of the Merchant Center product feed in YouTube video campaigns. Advertisers will now be able to show product cards under video ads in campaigns with the goals “Brand and Product Interest” and “Brand Awareness and Reach,” according to the Google Ads Help. Previously, a Product Feed could only be added to campaigns with a Sales goal, says PPCWorld.


When a user views a video ad, the bar below it automatically expands to show other products. When a user clicks on a product, they are taken to the product’s landing page, where they can complete a transaction. According to company representatives, cards with products under video ads motivate users to make purchases and increase the number of clicks and conversions – advertisers who add product feeds in a video campaign, on average, receive 60% more conversions for less.

To use a feed in video campaigns, you need to include at least four products and add their images with an aspect ratio of 1:1. You also need to enable Shopping ads in your Merchant Center account and link your account to Google Ads.

NIXSolutions notes that after adding a feed to a campaign and saving the settings, you cannot replace a product feed.

For detailed instructions on adding a product feed to a video campaign, see Google Ads Help.