NIX Solutions: Google Ads Starts Automatic Upgrade of Smart Shopping Campaigns to Performance Max

Google Ads Smart Shopping Campaigns have started automatically updating to Performance Max. According to the Google Ads help, the update will end in September 2022 for most advertisers.

NIX Solutions

Ads with formats not yet available in Performance Max (such as car ads) will be updated in early 2023.

Google will notify each advertiser 2-3 weeks prior to automatic renewal to allow time to prepare. A notification will appear in the ad account, and it will indicate the specific date when the campaigns will be converted to the Performance Max format, says SearchEngines.

Instead of waiting for automatic transfer of campaigns, Google recommends that you use the manual update tool yourself. It is available in notifications, on the recommendations page, and on the campaigns page.

After that, you should add the maximum number of objects to the ad, and during the campaign, follow the statistics on the Insights page. A complete list of Google’s recommendations for tuning Performance Max can be found here.

NIX Solutions reminds that Google Ads announced that it will transfer smart shopping and local campaigns to the Performance Max format in January. It was indicated that this would happen from July to September.