NIX Solutions: Google Introduced Tool to Automatically Remove Disapproved Ads

Google introduced an automated solution to identify and remove ads that violate Google policies. The tool, called Bowling, is designed to help advertisers avoid account suspension due to the introduction of the new three-alert system, according to the Google Developers blog.


BNIX Solutionsowling is a Python script that can be run in any of the following modes:

  • Audit – the tool will export all disapproved ads without removing them;
  • Delete – the tool will delete all disapproved ads and keep details of them. The advertiser can specify a list of exclusions that should be ignored and not removed.

You can read how to implement the solution in the blog for developers. According to preliminary estimates, the process will take about two hours.

NIX Solutions reminds that Google first introduced a new ad policy violation warning system in July. From now on, advertisers who violate the Google Ads Advertising Policy will be permanently blocked by Google after the third policy violation warning.