NIX Solutions: Google Maps Business Profiles to Include WhatsApp/SMS Options

Google is currently testing a new feature that allows businesses to receive messages via WhatsApp or SMS on their business profiles in Google Maps. This innovation may soon replace the existing chat function in company business profiles, which Google announced will be disabled starting July 31, 2024.

NIX Solutions

New Messaging Feature in Business Profiles

Recently, some users have observed a new section in their Google Business profiles. This section enables businesses to add their phone numbers, allowing users of Google Maps and Google Search to communicate with them through WhatsApp or SMS. Barry Schwartz, the author of the website Search Engine Roundtable, reached out to a Google representative who confirmed the testing of this feature. According to the representative, the feature will soon be available to users in various countries, including the US and the EU. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

Previous Data Collection Issues

It’s important to note that Google has faced scrutiny in the past for its data collection practices. The company was previously convicted of collecting user data over a span of six years, including voices, addresses, and deleted browsing history.

As Google continues to develop new features, it remains critical to balance innovation with user privacy and data protection, notes NIX Solutions. Stay tuned for further updates on the rollout of this new messaging feature.