NIXsolutions: Google Introduced New Ad Solutions Based on AI

Google has introduced two new types of ad campaigns based on artificial intelligence: Demand Gen and Video View. They are designed to simplify communication with the consumer and stimulate demand from the middle of the sales funnel to purchase.

Demand Gen is a tool specially designed for modern social marketing. According to Google research, 91% of consumers take action immediately after seeing new products or brands on Google platforms like Discover or Gmail. With Demand Gen, advertisers will be able to integrate their video and image ads on Google’s most popular visual and entertainment platforms such as YouTube, YouTube Shorts, Discover and Gmail, which are used by more than 3 billion people every month.

NIX Solutions

The new Demand Gen campaign creation process makes it easy for advertisers to bring successful graphics and video content to Google Ads and pre-evaluate how it looks. In addition, ad relevancy is improved by combining individual creatives with new, similar segments based on audience lists. This allows you to optimize conversions and create relevant campaigns that encourage users to take the right action at the right time. If you’d like to participate in testing the new advertising opportunity, registration will begin in August.

Video View Campaigns, in turn, help brands maximize views across multiple formats including In-Stream, In-Feed and YouTube Shorts. During testing, Video View campaigns saw an average of 40% more views compared to skippable in-stream campaigns. An example of a successful use of Video View is Samsung Germany, which was able to capture the attention of Gen Z target audiences during the Christmas holidays with these campaigns. It managed to significantly increase the number of views and reach by 94%, while reducing CPM and ensuring high demand, notes NIXsolutions.

Google’s new AI-powered advertising solutions allow advertisers to measure the performance of their campaigns through brand lift, search lift and data-driven attribution research. This helps to form a successful advertising strategy and achieve your goals.

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