NIX Solutions: Google Analytics 4 Has New Match Types

Report filters in Google Analytics 4 have three new match types: starts with, exactly matches, and regular expressions. This gives you more control over how you manage your reports and allows you to view only the data that interests you. The update was reported by SEL.

NIX Solutions


Report filters now support the following match types:

  • “begin with”;
  • “corresponds exactly”;
  • “regular expressions”.

With the help of them, you can select only the necessary data, and not view the entire report as a whole. For example, you can use filters to analyze specific regions, app versions, or ad units. More accurate reports will help site owners identify trends in user behavior and make decisions based on that.

You can add a filter and select a match type in any of the main Google Analytics 4 reports. The Add Filter button is located immediately below the report name, and you can select a filter option and match type from the drop-down menu on the right. The report will then automatically update.

NIX Solutions reminds that Google Analytics 4 recently introduced new dimensions and metrics for ecommerce.