NIX Solutions: Facebook Launches New Features for e-Commerce Marketers

Ahead of the holiday season, Facebook has introduced several new features for e-commerce marketers. These include new audience types for targeting, Product Tag Ads for Instagram, and Shops discounts. This is reported by SearchEngines.

Ads with product tags on Instagram

Instagram has been testing product tags for organic posts for over a year now. These publications can now be promoted as advertisements.

Product tags are indicated with white dots. By clicking on them, we get information about the product: name and price. These tags can be added to photos, videos, and carousel ads.

It will be possible to create advertising posts with product tags directly in the Ads Manager, notes NIX Solutions.

New audience types

Custom audiences of the “Shopping Engagement” format. With their help, marketers will be able to reach those people who have already shown an interest in a product or brand (saved a product, visited a store, or initiated a purchase).
Similar audiences of the “Shopping” format. With this type of targeting, marketers will be able to reach shoppers whose interests align with those of existing customers on Facebook and Instagram.

Shops discounts

Shops users will be able to promote sales and discounts through the new Promotions tab in Commerce Manager. This functionality is currently being tested in the US.

According to Facebook, currently 78% of online purchases are made from mobile devices. This figure is expected to increase during the holiday season.