NIX Solutions: LinkedIn Launches Engagement Report for B2B Marketers

Social network LinkedIn has launched a new report that can be used to assess the engagement of the audience in interacting with the company. It was named Company Engagement Report.

Key indicators of the report:

  • Total Engagement Level.Calculated by dividing the sum of ad interactions, organic interactions, and website visits by the number of targeted users, and compared to other companies promoted through LinkedIn.
  • Member Targeted. The number of those users who work for the company and are covered by its advertising.
  • Total Ad Engagement. The number of likes, comments, clicks, reposts and video views (taken into account if users have watched at least 25% of the video). Includes paid ads and those that are actively shared by users.
  • Total Organic Engagement. The number of interactions with the company’s LinkedIn Page posts.
  • Total Website Visits. The number of times users have visited webpages linked to the LinkedIn Insight Tag.

With the new report, B2B marketers can:

  • Know if they are reaching the target audience;
  • Focus on those companies that are ready to cooperate;
  • Understand the effectiveness of organic content and ads.

NIX Solutions notes that the Company Engagement Report is available to all users in Campaign Manager.