NIX Solutions: Connecting the Dots 2022 Survey Results

Connecting the Dots 2022 is a survey of changing consumer attitudes, based on 700,000 interviews in 47 countries, identifying key trends for the year ahead. The research is being conducted by audience targeting company GWI.

Health awareness

The trend of greater awareness of one’s health remains. People are now aware of stress-reducing activities and are actively pursuing their mental health.

NIX Solutions


Consumers are less and less interested in “perfect” images, and brands can afford to relax. This can lead to more inclusive or representative images, says MMR.

Beauty changes

Men’s engagement with beauty peaked during the quarantine period, but has waned since then. Interest and shopping rates among people of different skin tones in the UK/US also fell 13% and 14%, respectively, from 2018. GWI recommends more personalization and more inclusiveness in campaign design.

Employee change

Providing employees with a reason to work beyond pay is becoming increasingly important for employee retention. Internal communication is important here, but it is equally important to achieve a better work-life balance, notes NIX Solutions. 45% of UK job seekers say they want to do jobs that make them happier, and 33% say they want their jobs to be more meaningful.

The attention of young people is riveted on the games

Among Gen Z, games now rank above television on their list of personal interests.

Cryptocurrency goes mainstream

The number of UK Crypto Investors Upped 57% Since 2018; more and more people feel confident in their personal finances and are interested in cryptocurrency. Combined with the rise in the number of blockchains supporting Web3, this is a potentially important shift.