NIX Solutions: Comscore and 4A’s Study

The Advertising Association of America and Comscore studied how outdoor advertising influences the audience’s online interaction with a brand. About 1,500 people aged 16 to 64 participated in the survey. Most of them look for information about the company in search engines and social networks after seeing an advertising banner on the street or a TV commercial. The results of the report are published on the Comscore website.

NIX Solutions

The biggest response from the audience is outdoor and television advertising, notes NIX Solutions. About 41% of respondents answered that they had searched for information about the company during the last six months when they saw its outdoor advertising. Another 45% of respondents did the same after watching ads on TV.

Slightly fewer people search for information about a company on social networks after seeing outdoor advertising and advertising on TV. According to the survey, about 33% of people do this.

About 35% of respondents enter the company’s website after watching its commercial on TV, and after seeing outdoor advertising, 28-29% of people do it.

Another 30% of respondents are looking for information about the company on video hosting sites if they are interested in the company’s outdoor advertising or TV commercial.

Nearly a quarter (24%) of people buy products from a company’s website after watching a TV ad, and one in five respondents (20%) do so after seeing a brand’s outdoor ad.