NIX Solutions reports: The First School of Online Retail Management Appeared in Russia

24TTL Company announced the launch of the program of the first school in Russia to prepare online retail managers, 24 Online Retail Management school (24ORM school), says Retail-Loyalty. The school’s teachers will be twelve expert practitioners from international and Russian companies such as AliExpress, M. Video, Ozon, Goods, Phillips, etc. According to NIX Solutions‘ data, experts will analyze the methodology and approaches in mastering the profession, introduce students to the tools and technologies for working with large multi-category platforms that unite millions of customers and companies, and also give personalized recommendations.

Education at 24ORM school covers all areas of the profession of an online retail manager: from choosing a site and creating content to managing pricing and assortment, comprehensive analytics and fulfillment. The program of one of the courses consists of twelve online classes, designed for six weeks, and includes theoretical and practical parts, as well as online broadcasts with teachers, designed to review cases and discuss work.

“The emergence of 24ORM school was the result of an increase in demand among manufacturers for specialists who understand the process of building a sales strategy through online platforms and can effectively manage it. For clarity, in preparation for the IDRF’2020 online retail conference, we conducted a study with and the results showed that in March the demand for online retail managers increased 2.27 times, compared to last year,” notes the director of the 24ORM school, Yuri Shishkin. “The goal of 24ORM school is to educate students on the course with a high level of professional competencies and provide the online retail market with specialists who will be able to work in the realities of the modern commodity business.”